Retired UK Man Earns FIFTH Black Belt In Judo… Wow!

A retired man from Bromsgrove, England has earned his fifth black belt at the age of 76. Dennis Roe has been teaching Judo for over fifty years and started training in Judo, himself, over sixty years ago. Roe spends his time teaching students of all different ages and experience levels Judo now that he has been retired for several years.
Roe only charges his students a small and minimum fee to train with him so he can afford the space they use to train and account for equipment depreciation without having to pay out of pocket. He goes as far to attend his students’ tournaments and will even drive them to and from the tournaments if they can’t arrange transportation for themselves. Many who train with him have said that the classes are not only a fun hobby and sport but help them with discipline and focus as well.