70 Year Old Second Degree Black Belt In Judo Catches Thieves!

Last week in Seagate, Scotland, a seventy year old second degree black belt in Judo caught up with and apprehended to separate thieves. The two thieves had dined and dashed at a local restaurant and after seventy year old John Pearson heard from a distraught and frantic restaurant owner he was right on the case. Pearson was in a pub close to the restaurant in question having a glass of wine and minding his own business when the owner of the nearby restaurant ran into the pub and reported to the owner of the pub what had happened.
As soon as he heard this Pearson leaped out his chair and into action, running outside to see if he could spot the previously described thieves. While he was on the lookout he spotted one of them and quickly ran over and apprehended the man bu using a judo armbar until police arrived. Shortly after that, he noticed the second thief peering out from behind a corner so he ran down the street and did the exact same thing a second time: apprehended the man by using a judo armbar until police came over. No one was injured and Pearson was commended by police for his quick and brave action.