How Judo Differs From Other Styles Of Martial Arts

Judo is a grappling based martial art that emphasizes the use of throws, joint locks, and submission techniques to enable it’s practitioner to overcome their opponent. When most people think of martial arts they probably picture someone throwing punches, and kicks, and performing other acrobatic techniques. While there are many good and effective striking based martial arts the reality is that the majority of them are far more about style rather than substance. Most traditional striking based martial arts are more about tradition and executing a technique that looks good. On the other hand Judo is all about using techniques that are effective. There is no style and ceremony, there are only grappling and throwing techniques that have been proven to be highly effective.
Judo is a Japanese martial art derived from Jujutsu which does incorporate some striking, but strikes are not permitted during competition and are only performed when doing Kata. Kano Jigoro is the founder of Judo having created his martial art by incorporating a wide range of different grappling fighting styles. The idea was that by using proper leverage and technique a smaller and less powerful person could overcome the superior size and strength of another person. Rather than trying to stand and fight with someone that would likely have a striking advantage, Judo emphasized the use of throws and take downs to get the fight to the ground. Once there the superior grappling skills of the Judo practitioner, called a Judoka, should allow them to execute a submission technique and put an end to the fight. In competition tapping out is a way for one Judoka to submit to another. However, in a real street fighting situation a Judoka will more likely continue to exert force on their submission until their opponent is either rendered unconscious or suffers and injury that prevents them from continuing to be a threat.
Judo quickly became a very popular martial art and was even added to the Olympic games. Further demonstrating it’s influence and effectiveness is the fact that Judo has in turn given rise to several different martial arts that are based upon it’s techniques. Two of those martial arts are Sambo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Judo’s influence can also be seen in the modern sport of mixed martial arts where it is a virtual necessity to have a background in a grappling based fighting style in order to be able to compete at the sport’s highest levels. While there are other grappling based martial arts Judo remains the original and it sets itself apart from the rest through it’s emphasis on throws. The idea behind throwing an opponent is that by using leverage and propelling them into the air and forcefully into the ground that they will either suffer an injury, or be stunned allowing the Judoka to finish the fight. Other grappling styles also emphasize getting a fight to the ground, but they generally do so via a take down or tackle. Judo is a martial art that is unique due to it’s use of grappling, submission holds, and throws.