Brian Jones Inducted Into Judo Hall Of Fame After Over 60 Years Of Training

Sensei Brian Jones has been inducted into the Judo Hall of Fame after he was training judo for the past sixty one years. He has been training since age nineteen and just turned eighty just a few months ago. The amazing part: he is still training at eighty years old. He is one of the oldest living people still practicing Judo in the world and can’t seem to get enough of it.
Jones has also been the chief instructor of Sakura Dojo Club in Winnipeg. He has been a sixth degree black belt for over a year as well. Amazingly enough, he claims that he’s never been in a fight outside of practicing or sparring inside of the dojo. According to him, Judo has been his entire’s life’s purpose and could not possibly imagine living life without it. He also said that he never could have “dreamed of this.”
He plans to continue to train for as long as he can which he says, according to the way that he currently feels, should be a long while. Ideally, he said the aim is to reach tenth degree black belt before he has to stop training. That will be no easy feat – tenth degree black belt is the highest rank in all of Judo and only a handful of people have accomplished this in history. Although, six years ago a ninety eight year old Japanese man earned his tenth degree black belt, so, the sky is the limit Brian!