The Judo World Championships Have Been Moved Out Of North Korea

Based on recent developments in North Korea due to it’s militarization including it’s nuclear arms expansion the Junior Judo World Championships have been moved from there to Croatia because of safety concerns for all of the participants. Specifically, North Korea’s recent live-fire exercises were the breaking point according to a statement released by the International Judo Federation.
It’s not just the safety of the participants either that fueled to decision to move the tournament. Travel in and out of the country is expected to be extremely difficult and the freedoms needed to stream and record the event might also be in jeopardy. Regardless, thousands are expected to compete and many more are expected to be in attendance cheering on their favorite competitors. There are also concerns for the direct safety of competitors and refs as far as reprisals for performances against Korean competitors. This decision was not just made by the Federation either – several federations, countries, and individual people spoke out against having the event in North Korea.
The competition will now take place in Croatia in October of this year. None of the scheduled events, competitions or those competing have been affected by these changes. For any one who can no longer attend and/or compete substitutions will be announced within the next three months time. This is expected to be the very last round of changes involving the event’s schedule and/or location.