Children’s Soccer Coach Uses Judo To Train His Players

Coach Tom Scott-Kelly does not want his soccer players getting muscled up and down the field any more so he had them all take Judo classes. He coaches a team of six and seven year olds but he wants them to be able to protect themselves as well as to be able to toughen up a little bit more. To be clear, the encouragement is not that of violence but instead of not taking anymore “gruff” from opposing teams and players. Scott-Kelly has also said that the Judo classes have also helped several players with their self confidence and aggressiveness on the field which directly translates into better play on the field.
He started by inviting a judo instructor to one of the team’s practices where the kids were taught a couple of basic intro moves in order to whet their pallet. After this, they were given the option to sign up for a couple of more classes at much more discounted rate. Almost all of the children jumped at the opportunity and within a couple weeks the whole team was taking Judo together as a team. Coach Scott-Kelly feels the judo lessons will help aid the boys development as part of a second front in a supplemental fashion.
Since the children started taking the judo lessons their record improved from just above a .500 winning percentage to a .750 winning percentage in just over two months time. Scott-Kelly expects the trend to continue and will now require that all of the boys on his team take Judo lesson on at least a semi-regular basis during the soccer season and will encourage them to continue their training during the off-season so there’s no catching up once the season begins in the late summer. Scott-Kelly’s mission was simple when he started this initiative: get the club back to greatness and, so far, that’s exactly what he’s done.